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I’m leaving the dash for today. I’m in one of the worst moods. I am in desperate need of a boxing session.

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Ugh I need to see if I can have a singing lesson with sierra.

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Everyone on Tumblr

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Okay I’m sorry but I left the dash last night because I was annoyed and I log back on and I’m immediately annoyed again. Wilder I need you.

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Oh for fucks sake I’m going to bed.

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okay ghost notes can fuck off

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This chick on say yes to the dress is trying on the worst dresses ever. And another just won’t try on anything because she says she’s just looking for something “nice”. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU GO PICK A DRESS

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I’m sorry but when you say you’re definitely going to spike someone’s drink, nobody will want to try it with you. That’s just wrong to say.

Okay because I’m definitely sitting here telling the world I’m gonna put date rape drugs in their drinks. Clearly my next post mentions rum and literally all I meant was putting alcohol in. So chill your tits lady. Stop killin the buzz. There is literally no reason to be hatin.

I’m not hating or killing the buzz. I’m just stating that it sounds wrong and some people may not even see your next post. You put it in tags. Either way I still find drink spiking of any sort unappealing.

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